Wayaka – Inner Cloth with Bright Colors


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Created by young weaver Karina Machacca Apaze (10 years old), this inner cloth is not perfect, but it is perfectly beautiful. Your purchase includes a photo of Karina holding your new inner cloth.

The Q’ero people bundle sacred coca leaves in these traditional carry cloths. The wayaka, or wachala, cloth carries sacred importance to the Q’ero people. Women tuck them in their waist belts. Men carry them in their coca bags. They also use these textiles to wrap warm potatoes as a sort of “lunch box” when herding llamas and alpacas across the steep Andean mountainsides.  You will treasure this wayaka woven in  the Hapu Q’ero region of the Andes under the protective gaze of Apu Mama Rosa.  12 x 13.5 inches.  30 x 32 cm.
Learn how your purchase helps the Q’ero people: Q’ero Life in the Andes: A Partnership.
To learn more about Q’ero weaving and watch them spin and weave, watch this brief video: Weaving in the Q’ero Nation.

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