Handsome Mesa Cloth in Natural Colors


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This mesa cloth of hand-spun yarns of natural fiber colors give the textile a sense of solid wisdom amd evokes a timeless connection to Pachamama. Genobera Phacsi Apasa spun soft yarns to weave this lovely textile in her village of Ccochamarka in Q’eros, She weaves outside her stone-walled home of stone with a thatch roof under the watchful gaze of Apu Mama Rosa.  Your new mesa cloth measures 20 x 25 inches  (51 x 64 cm).  Your purchase includes a photo of Genobera holding your new mesa cloth. (Photo here shows her with a different textile.) Your purchase helps the weaver, her family, and her community in projects that uplift all the people in her community.
See how your purchase helps the Q’ero people.   Watch the story of these textiles.

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