Sachamama offers a range of shamanic gifts for mind body and soul wellness. Products are Fair Trade sourced, supporting the indigenous communities where they originate from.

After years discovering and learning about plant medicines from the Amazon rain forest, I found myself drawn to ancient Inca shamanism. I followed an apprenticeship walking the path of the pampamesayoq, which is a spritual path in service of Mother Earth. Fortunate enough to learn directly from the paqos or ‘priest healers’ of the Q’ero nation, their teachings opened up a wondrous but very familiar world to me. The Q’ero people are direct descendants of the Incas and their spiritual traditions and healing methods have remained largely unchanged since the days of the Inca empire, when the remaining survivors of their communities escaped to extremely high altitude communities deep within the Andes mountains.

I found my way back to shamanism and connected with my own European spiritual heritage, and was guided to find my ‘apu’ in the beautiful mountains of Wales. In the shamanic tradition of the Q’ero, the ‘apus’ are mountain spirits and a mountain near to your birthplace is your guiding apu. These spirits provide guidance and strength on your own healing path and those of others you help along the way. While travelling in Peru I was called to visit the sacred mountain Salkantay and its neighbouring mountain Humantay. The photos on this website were taken on that magical day, and the one here is of my own medicine bundle while sitting in the morning sunshine while condors flew overhead.

In the spirit of ‘ayni’ I volunteer for the Heart Walk Foundation who support Q’ero communities, providing food, education and medical care to remote indigenous communities who otherwise have no support network at all. Ayni is the reciprocity/exchange of giving and receiving which is an everyday concept for the Q’ero people. My own life drastically changed for the better under the guidance of Q’ero elders who shared their ancient shamanic wisdom with me. I am simply giving something back in exchange, and also offer their textiles for sale on this website. ALL proceeds of textile sales go to the Heart Walk Foundation who purchase products at Fair Trade prices when they visit communities each year.

Always drawn back to plant medicines by Madre Ayahuasca, I have a deep connection with their spirits and I assist in ayahuasca / psilohuasca ceremonies in The Netherlands to help others on their own healing paths.

Sachamama means Mother Jungle in Quechua and she is the spirit mother of the Amazon jungle, protecting it fiercely throughout the ages. I bring her magic to you through this website.